What Our Customers Say

Client Testimonials

Working with Internet Resources Group is such a pleasure and makes my job as a marketer much easier, they are like an extension of my team. I work for a small company with very limited development resources, so our company Website is not the priority. Internet Resources Group provides me with a dedicated professional resource (contracted) at an affordable rate. Internet Resources Group does more than just Website development, I use them to bounce off Website strategies and design to make sure we continue to make the Website a valuable resource to our target audience and drive leads. I highly recommend Internet Resources Group.

Heather F.

Vice President of Marketing

Internet Resources Group manages our website and runs email marketing campaigns for us. I ran through two outsourced webmasters before Internet Resources Group and am incredibly happy that a friend recommended that I work with them.

Anyone can dazzle you with cool effects, but I like working with Internet Resources Group because they gets stuff done and I don’t really have to manage them. I just tell them some of my ideas for things that need to get done. They usually have 2 or 3 suggestions for improvements. Then they take care of it. I don’t have to go double check everything to make sure they paid attention to all the details like misspelled words, bad links, web pages that don’t work in a Firefox browser, etc. I guess that’s the main difference between Internet Resources Group and my old webmasters. The other guys try to sell you on creating some complex, cool new thing but then screw up the details.

Internet Resources Group usually gives three options (varying in complexity) for addressing an issue. After a 2-minute conversation, they then takes care of it. Done.

Brian M.

Director of Marketing